Sophisticated Property Investing by Ethical Property Partners

#103: Making cash flow and building equity for free!

August 5, 2021

The Sophisticated Property Investing podcast from Ethical Property Partners is a deep dive into property investing using sophisticated strategies including no money left in and no money down. Whether you’re an experienced investor, just starting out, or somewhere in-between, our podcast will help you to learn new strategies to use in your property investment business. We cover investment strategies for residential and commercial property in detail and interview successful property investors who are using these strategies in real-life. The Sophisticated Property Investing podcast will help you to build your knowledge to use when investing for your own property portfolio and help you to increase your income using new strategies. Join us for our regular podcast on a Thursday morning at 10am and start investing using sophisticated strategies yourself!


This podcast show includes audio that's taken from one of our popular "Sophisticated Saturday" episodes on YouTube, where you'll hear about a deal Frank's recently done. To watch the video on YouTube:

In the first part, you'll get all the numbers, so if you want to take part and work out how you'd do the deal, you can make notes and grab a calculator, before listening to the 2nd part.....where Frank will tell you how he structured the deal in a sophisticated way, and made a profit from it.  

The 3rd and final part is exclusive to you as a Podcast listener, where Frank gets grilled by an expert investor, as they chat about the deal in more detail.

Today, it's all about how YOU can make cash flow and build equity for free and in a sophisticated way, and as a podcast listener, you'll hear Liz Strama chatting with Frank about MANY of his thoughts on alternative options, which includes a really interesting segment on why "rent to rent" isn't the win/win that many property mentors claim it is!  

Here's the URL for the historical UK house price website Frank spoke about:

New full episodes of Sophisticated Property Investing are available EVERY THURSDAY - Also listen out for short form "Caffeine Cast" shows in between. 

For more great advice on property investing (including our "Sophisticated Saturdays", check out the Ethical Property Partners, YouTube channel:


DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Ethical Property Partners cannot and does not provide advice unless/until engaged directly by you.

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